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The Association and the Yankee Peddlers work tirelessly to enable visitors to immerse themselves in a time when crafting was the only way of life.  We want our visitors to be able to explore and appreciate the beauty of arts and crafts in as "pure" a way as possible.


Our festival examines life between the years 1776-1825.  All of our crafters and vendors are required to dress in year appropriate attire at all times.  They must exhibit all three weekends and demonstrate a minimum 50% of the time.  Artisans and crafters are expected to provide educational displays and written histories of their crafts.


Only handcrafted goods made by the exhibitors are permitted.  Any accessories (i.e. belt buckles, etc) must also be handmade.

The following items are strictly prohibited for our vendors

crafts made from kits

crafts that appear as if they are made from kits

items with plastic parts and/or plastic trim

arrangements of mass-produced dried or silk flowers

sewing that employs zig-zag stitching or that is made from "cheaters cloth"

"cutesy" items that are not of the period, eg., Disney and Holly Hobby characters

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