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A note about water at the Festival: Due to the nature of the Festival to bring as authentic an experience of early America and to reduce the plastic waste that inundates our modern world, food purveyors provide bottled water only in cups.

The well water that can be found in the spigots on the grounds is potable and meets all Ohio regulations for purity. If you wish to have a bottle of water on the festival grounds, please bring your own from home.

To search for a particular food, press Ctrl+F and enter food.

Please also note that the following information is subject to change.

Muskrat Cove

Candy, Turkey Legs, Fudge, Elephant Ears, Ham Sandwich, Sundaes and Floats, Wine-tasting, Beer-tasting, Beverages

Quail Hollow

Chicken Wraps, Creamed Chicken & Biscuits,
Stromboli, Pies, Sundaes and Floats, Beef Jerky,

Possum Rum

Reuben Sandwich, Pierogies, Sausage, Roast Beef
Sandwich, Beverages

Hoot Owl Roost

Apple Fritters, Beef Jerky, Root Beers

The Glen

Candy, Gourmet Apples, Pulled Pork Sandwich,
Chicken Sandwich, Cinnamon Rolls, Funnel Cakes,
Fried Veggies, Corn on the Cob, Baked Potato,
Biscotti, Kettle Korn, Ham & Cheddar Cheese
Sandwich, Salsas and Dips, Beverages

Liberty Village (Yankee Peddler Today)

Panini, French Fries, Wood-fired Pizza, Mexican,
Beef Jerky, Sweet Treats, Homemade Potato Chips,
Maple Syrup, Specialty Coffees, Corn on cob, Baked
Potato, Reuben Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich,
Fish n’ Chips, Fried Veggies, Indian Tacos, Bean
Soup, Soups, Barbecue, Breakfast, Soda, Beverages

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