The Glen Stage

11:30 Puppets

12:30 Puppets

1:30 Puppets

2:30 Marionettes

3:30 Puppets

Hoot Owl Roost

1:45 Bob Evans, Storyteller (HOR 41)

2:45 Bob Evans, Storyteller (HOR 41)

(Children's Weekend Only)

3:45 Bob Evans, Storyteller (HOR 41)

Possum Run Stage

Lessons and Demonstrations

The Glen: Butterfly Gazebo

Militia Meadow: Algonquin Spinning Guild

Militia Meadow: Mountain Men
Muskrat Cove: The Goodwife Clark, Frontier Woman
Possum Run: Precolonial Native American Life
The Glen: Civil War Encampment

Liberty Village Entertainment

12:30pm - 4:30pm

 The Plate Scrapers - September 11-12

Steve Madewell - September 18-19

TBD - September 25-26

Muskrat Cove
12:00 - Flag Raising; Yankee Peddler Mountain Men;
             Jim Ruble, Bagpiper; Steven Thomas, Saxophone
1:00 - TJ Marlatt & Daughter, The Mugicians, (Sept 7-8, 21-22)
1:00 - Jim Volkert's Childrens Theatre  (Sept 14-15)
2:30 - TJ Marlatt & Daughter, The Mugicians, (Sept 7-8
, 21-22)
2:30 - Jim Volkert's Childrens Theatre (Sept 14-15)
5:30 - Flag Lowering; Yankee Peddler Mountain Men;
Jim Ruble, Bagpiper; Steven Thomas, Saxophone


Bagpipes:  James Ruble
Town Criers: John Hayes, James Hayes
Wandering Magician: Jania Taylor
Muskrat Cove: Brett & Kim Ridgeway - Musicians
The Glen: Michael Searching Bear, Face Painting
Hoot Owl Roost: Hammered Music Duo, Charcoal Portraits
Hoot Owl Roost: Brian Acheson, Blacksmithing
Quail Hollow: Fare Passage
Possum Run: Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Saxophone: Steven Thomas